2004 BMW 745

The Hydrotunes team of custom installation specialists took a BMW 745 that had been worked on by another shop, and salvaged the system, adding more audio improvements and completely cleaning up the fit and finish of the install, as well as the quality and routing of the system’s wiring. Custom features include JL Audio Slash-Series amplifiers on custom amp rack, AudioControl LC8i OEM integration processor, and custom ported subwoofer enclosure with JL Audio W7 sub for big time bass output in a very tightly-sealed vehicle.

Custom Audio Installation:

Updated stock system, took-on previous install from another shop to improve quality and take ownership of the system
JL Audio 1000/1 subwoofer amp and 300/4 full-range amp, on custom amp rack in trunk
AudioControl LC8i processor to pull signal from the factory amplifier
Custom slot-ported sub enclosure for JL Audio W7 subwoofer, paneled-off to fill the trunk cleanly and leaves no gaps around the edges

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