2007 Cadillac Escalade

Hydrotunes designed and installed a system for the Cadillac owner that not only improved the quality and output of the full-range door speakers, but also provided a BIG bass upgrade, per his request, with added flare in the custom subwoofer enclosure, all while maintaining full OEM functionality and factory radio.

Custom Audio Installation:

Stock door speakers were replaced with Hertz Energy-Series components in the front and coaxial in the rear, and Hushmat acoustic material was added to ensure tight, crisp sound without any potential for rattles and panel resonance
Signal from OEM radio is provided by an Arc Audio SRi processor, and an iPod/AUX adaptor was added to the factory in-dash screen
Matching Arc Audio KS-Series amps were installed underneath each folding seat – the sub amp produces 1200 watts!
Subwoofer level control added under driver’s dash for on-the-fly bass adjustments
Custom enclosure for two JL Audio 12” W6’s built completely of acrylic with vinyl trim, illuminated with Cool White LEDs, and featuring raised “Cadillac” lettering on top of enclosure

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