2009 Ford F150 Supercab

The Hydrotunes team of custom installation specialists added an Arc Audio / ProBox / Hydrotunes touch to the 2009 F150 Super Cab. The system features Arc Audio KS-Series amplifiers on a custom amp rack behind the rear seat, Arc Audio XXD 5×7” speakers installed in each door, the ProBox high-output dual 8” ported sub enclosure under the rear seat, integrated to the OEM headunit using line-output converters installed behind the radio.

Custom Audio Installation

Two Arc Audio KS-Series amplifiers get measured out for installation on the wall behind rear seat
Wood strips are epoxy’d in place, giving the amplifiers a base that is safe to screw into
Arc Audio XXD 5×7” speakers installed in each door
Line-output converters are installed behind headunit, to provide signal to the aftermarket amplifiers from the OEM system
Both amps in place and wired on new amp rack
Amps installed and subwoofer enclosure is mounted into place below the rear seat
Inline fuses under the hood protect the amplifiers’ power wiring
Side profile shot of ProBox high-output dual 8” ported sub enclosure

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